Gettysburg Curse Comes To Georgia!!

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Many years ago, when my son was little, my family took a trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania. My young son was very interested in rocks at the time and found a stone on the battlefield that looked like it may have been stained with dried blood. It was a tiny little rock he had picked up, without me realizing it, and brought it home to Georgia. This one small act was about to change our lives tremendously.

Years went by with one disaster after another and trauma after trauma occurring. My husband got ill and has, over the years, gotten progressively worse. My mother-in-law who was living with us at the time got very sick and eventually passed away. I had to change jobs with a large salary cut; we lost our house, our dog died. My father who was with us at Gettysburg passed and the list goes on. I just chalked it up to wicked bad luck.

I eventually found out that he had the rock, and later came upon an article that I had read, which would change my thinking about all of this being just bad luck. The article was about the curse of the Gettysburg rocks. It turns out that people all over, who had visited the park and taken a rock home with them were having tremendously bad luck and unthinkable things were happening to them after taking the rocks from the battlefield. It all made sense now. These people had every problem you can think of, from different kinds of health problems, divorces, the loss of homes, prison sentences, and the list goes on. This is not just bad luck! This is a curse!

Many of these people, including myself, eventually mailed the rocks back to the Gettysburg National Military Park to be placed back onto the battlefield where they were found – hopefully lifting the curse from them. I sent our rock back as soon as I read the article, hoping that the curse would go the way of the rock, back to Gettysburg. According to the park, they get many rocks in the mail. They are now warning people not to take the rocks! Life has not been as bad for us since returning the rock.

Here is what one person said in a letter that was sent to the park, a copy of the letter is shown on the Cursed Rocks blog posting from the Gettysburg National Military Park (link is below). “In 2006 I was visiting the Gettysburg Military Park. While out on the battlefield I picked these pieces up. Yes, it was wrong and I’m sorry. Since then I’ve had nothing but horrible times, injured on the job, several surgeries, relationship failures, etc. Perhaps coincidental, maybe, but I’m returning this small stone and twig. Please return them to where I picked them up, on top of the Devil’s Den area. Thank you.”

Here is another letter: “Around 10-11 years ago, my wife at the time, and I had visited Gettysburg. We loved Gettysburg and its history, and had removed three small stones. We didn’t know then how the removal of those stones would affect our lives, and we didn’t know that they were cursed. It wasn’t long after that, that our lives fell apart. My wife took my son and walked out on me. I lost my house and majority of what I owned and ended up in prison for nine years. My now ex-wife has fared no better. She has been plagued with health problems and other issues. When I was released from prison, I was able to find a place to live. As I was going through what my mother was able to salvage, I found the stones and remembered what I had read in prison about the stones being cursed. I’m sorry that we had taken them.”

Everything is made of energy including stones. Many rocks can also absorb negative energies. If any place has negative energy attached to it, it would be the Gettysburg Battlefield. I can see why these rocks come with a curse. This battle had between 46,000 and 51,000 casualties with an estimated death toll of over 3,100 union and over 3,900 confederates during the course of three days.

Others have had spirit activity occur since taking the rocks. It is said that spirits can attach themselves to objects. They can attach themselves to certain objects when their body’s energy, upon passing, is transferred or absorbed by a nearby object, usually during a traumatic occurrence, such as a death on a battlefield. It is possible that some of the spirits of the Gettysburg soldiers may hitch a ride and come home with you.

I found out that it is currently illegal if you get caught in the act of taking souvenirs from the battlefield and this definitely includes the rocks on the grounds. The fine for doing so is $100+. The takeaway to this story is …. do not take anything from the Gettysburg Battlefield or you might end up with more than you bargained for, such as, a fine, curse or even a spirit!

For more information about this subject visit The Blog of Gettysburg National Military Park or Google Gettysburg Curse.
This article was written by Paranormal Investigator and future author, Jeanne Wells and is an excerpt of her upcoming book on the ghosts of Georgia. Please visit her Facebook page Pickens Paranormal and her website


Pickens Paranormal Prison


Pickens Paranormal Prison

Specters in the Slammer


     Looks like there are spirits needing to be sprung, from jail that is, specifically the old Pickens County Jail. 

     The Old Pickens County Jail was in use from 1906-1982.  The first floor of the building is where the sheriffs and their families lived.  It includes a children’s room, complete with a peep hole for the children to be able to peek at the prisoners.  Another room was used as the family room.   There was a master bedroom for the Sheriff and a kitchen that was used by the sheriff’s wife to make meals for the family as well as for the prisoners.  The meals were fed to the prisoners by sliding the food through a slot in the kitchen wall.  Behind the house is a well and there was a garden at one time. The upper level of the building is where the jail cells are located.  The jail had room for 16 prisoners but often held many more than that amount.  On the second floor was housed a working gallows equipped with a drop floor.  The gallows was never used as far as we know, for official hangings.  Although there were no official hangings it is said that there was a prisoner suicide at one time. 

    13 sheriffs and their families lived in this jail when it was in use.  The Sheriff and deputies helped federal agencies find and destroy local moonshine stills, and arrests were made due to this.  The prison held all kinds of delinquents, who had committed many different crimes, due to this, the jail houses many, many years of negative energy. 

     As I look out through the bars of the window, I can’t help but notice a bank next door, and I think about how ironic that it is, and I wonder what a temptation this must be for the thieves who were incarcerated there and never left.  How frustrating it must be for these specters to see this bank day after day, night after night and to have that temptation there, and not be able to do anything about it.

     My name is Jeanne Wells and I am a paranormal investigator and the Author of the upcoming book about the ghosts of Georgia.  I recently had the opportunity to investigate the old jail with The Murray County Paranormal Investigations.  The group came equipped with all of the modern day ghost hunting equipment including a ghost box, which spirits are able to communicate through.  The investigation came up with some interesting findings.  It started with an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and ended with a ghost box session.  During the investigation a woman’s hair was pulled, perhaps by the spirit of a feisty prisoner.  Another saw a ghostly apparition suddenly appear behind another person and then quickly disappear.  The most exciting part of the investigation was the ghost box session.  One of the sessions was in the jail cells on the upper level.  An eerie voice came through the ghost box and said moonshine.  As I have stated before, the jail most likely contained many prisoners over the years who had been arrested for selling moonshine.  This disembodied voice was apparently one of them.  Another session was held in the children’s room on the lower level and when one of the investigators asked if they knew that they were dead, he received the answer no.  It is said that sometimes when a person passes they do not realize that they have died.  This sounds like one of those occasions.

     During the investigation, I took many pictures and got pictures of orbs in many of the shots.  An orb is a ball of energy thought to be one of the ways that the dead can manifest themselves.  One particular photo intrigued me the most.  It was a picture I had taken of the hanging noose at the gallows.  There was an orb floating right by the noose as if the head of an unseen spirit was still in it, and that the spirit was, literally still “hanging around”.

     This penitentiary is dark and dreary, and the air is heavy and oppressive.  I can’t help but think what a tragedy it would be for one of these lost souls to have to spend all of eternity behind these old and time worn bars.

     I would like to thank the Murray County Paranormal Investigations Group for a night full of intrigue and a great ghostly experience.

     Be on the lookout for more ghostly articles and my upcoming book about the ghosts here in Georgia, which will include many of the buildings in the surrounding area.  Visit my Facebook page Spirits, Angels and the Paranormal.

     Article and photographs by Jeanne Wells (Excerpts from upcoming book Georgia’s Ghostly Mysteries and Haunted Histories).

Paranormal Pickens


Paranormal Pickens

Paranormal Activity At The Former Pickens General Hospital

      The Current Pickens County Administrative Building was formally Pickens General Hospital, and does it have some stories to tell!  My story begins on the evening of a rare Black Moon!  A Black Moon happens when a second New Moon appears in one month.  The moon is in full shadow and cannot be seen.  Spirits can take full advantage of the dark energy of the Black Moon to wreak havoc on humans.  I must be careful because human possession by ghosts is at its highest peak during this time.

My name is Jeanne Wells and I am a paranormal investigator and author of the upcoming book on Georgia ghosts.  I have recently investigated the current Pickens County Administrative Building on Church Street which was at one time Pickens General Hospital, erected in 1967. I have interviewed staff members as well as the custodians and was permitted time in the building,  to be able to do a paranormal investigation. During my investigation, I had received a response from a spirit in the form of a knock on the wall when I had asked for one.  This particular incident happened where the Emergency Room was in the hospital.  I also smelled the cigar smoke that many others have also experienced.  Keep in mind that this is a government building and no smoking is allowed, and for the fact that this was after hours with no one in the building.  This experience happened in the lobby by C Hall, where the hospital rooms were, and where many have passed.  I also experienced the lights in one of the offices turn off then back on again, in which others have stated happens frequently.  But perhaps the most terrifying event that was experiences was doing an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon ) session with a recorder.  I had asked if there was anyone there, if they could knock for me.  I then heard several loud pounding bangs coming from the lobby.  Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!  I ran over to see what it was, and the most terrifying vision stood before me.  It was the UPS man banging on the door with an after hours delivery!  Wow!  He had perfect timing!

The building appears to house many haunts.  On top of the deaths that you would normally see in a hospital atmosphere, this hospital has also experienced at least one suicide and a gruesome murder.  According to several, it is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a former patient who had been admitted into the building when it was the hospital.  It is said that this patient grabbed a scalpel and ran down the hospital hallway slicing his throat and dying there.  There was also a murder in the parking lot and who knows how many countless souls took their last breaths in this building. The hospital did not house a morgue therefore the bodies were kept in the rooms with the air conditioner blasting to keep the bodies preserved until they were claimed by the family members, and picked up by the funeral home, sometimes days later.  The ghostly activity in the building most likely began when the building ceased to be a hospital and the hospital rooms, where many had died were turned into offices.  It is well known that the renovating of a place tends to stir up the energy of the spirits within and often leads to an abundance of paranormal activity where there might not have been any previously.  Spirits do not like the disruption and changes.  Many times when people renovate buildings the spirits will make themselves known and let you know that they are not pleased with the changes and the noise.

People who have had experiences here are affected by all of the senses, which means you are dealing with some powerful entities.  The spirits have to draw on the surrounding energy from people and machines to be able to create sound, smell or manifest themselves.  It takes a strong spirit to be able to draw all of that energy and be able to make things move and actually be able to speak. Many entities feed on people’s emotions, such as anger or sorrow to be able to manifest themselves.  Employees hear noises, footsteps of people walking down the hall, and people have heard a woman talking when there was no one there.  Some have even experienced their name being called out to them.  As mentioned earlier, there is the cigar smoke that seems to come out of nowhere.  The lights in different rooms tend to go on and off on their own accord.  They have experienced the copy machine and printer start copying and printing on their own and their office drawers opening by themselves.  The drawers open so often on their own that one person claims to have had to put locks on the drawers to eliminate the problem. Some have experienced the elevator going up and down on its own when there is no one else in the building, and brooms seem to mysteriously stand up on their own as if a ghostly presence is holding them upright.

The specter was seen by a former employee.  Walking into the office he saw the desk chair spinning around on its own, and then suddenly a full apparition of a man appeared before him.  The man came out of his office as white as a sheet.

The fact that there was a suicide and a murder at this location makes it very susceptible to paranormal activity.  Many times people who die of a traumatic experience will tend to stay earth bound, and their souls do not rest.  The energy left by their spirits can be vast and powerful.  The anger, need for revenge, or any unfinished business can fester leaving the spirits trapped here.  The air is very heavy in this place and you can almost feel the sorrow and the negative energy that still lingers in the halls within.

After all of the interviews and investigating I ended my visit to the building with a cleansing/ blessing, which included prayers, a dowsing of the entryway with holy water from the Jordan River, candles, cross, and a ritual to help all of the souls that were in the building cross over into the light.  It is my hope that those souls that wanted to cross over have done so and that the paranormal activity in the building will subside.

Be on the lookout for more articles on local haunts and my upcoming book about the ghosts that call Georgia their home.  Visit my Facebook page Spirits, Angels And The Paranormal.

Thanks to the County Commissioner Rob Jones, administrative staff and custodians for all of their help with this project.

Article and photographs by Jeanne Wells (Excerpts from upcoming book Georgia’s Ghostly Mysteries And Haunted Histories.



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Phantom Fort

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The third smallest town in Georgia -Talking Rock – was       originally part of the Cherokee Nation. Its name may have derived from a rock formation that echoed, or from the sound of water running over the rocks in the nearby creek. The creek was originally called Rolling Rock Creek, but is now called Talking Rock Creek. The first town, was called Sanderstown, it consisted of a cotton gin and factory, wool carder, grist and saw mills, blacksmith shop, church and school. The mills were all destroyed during the War Between The States. The Cherokee who lived in the surrounding area were eventually taken and held at an “Indigenous Peoples” removal fort called Fort Newnan. Fort Newnan is located in a community near Talking Rock called Blaine. The Fort location   itself is believed to be near the town’s Masonic Lodge. Established in 1838, the fortification was set up as a detainment camp and was used to round up the Cherokee before their long walk on the “Trail of Tears”. The conditions were harsh for them, and many died there before ever even making the trip. The fort itself is no longer, but there lies a memorial and graveyard at the location where those who succumbed to their treatment had breathed their last and were buried. It is said that people that die in tragic situations sometimes cannot cross over and their spirit gets trapped here. Therefore I made the decision to do a paranormal investigation of this area.

     I decided to do my investigation on the night that gave us the full (snow moon), comet and eclipse all in one evening. The energy levels in the spirit realm would be extremely high during this time. It is said that during an eclipse the energy increases tremendously. Ghosts use the energy around us to manifest so this is a perfect time for a ghost hunt. Energy levels also Increase during a full moon, so this was the night. 

     I would like to thank Eddie Goodwin and the Blaine Masonic Lodge as well as Greg Trammell of The Talking Rock Cherokee Memorial Cemetery Trust (A non-profit society).  They are both owners of portions of the property and had given me permission to use their land for my investigation.  I did not however, get permission from the owner of the actual cemetery portion of the land, therefore, being respectful to that property owner, did not enter onto that part of the property.  In looking over at the fenced in area that encloses the graves, I noticed that you can’t see anything inside and it would be impenetrable due to the  horrific overgrowth. I couldn’t help but think that these poor souls are still  imprisoned.  The only difference is that, the once wood or barbed wire fencing that held them prisoners in life, is now a chained link enclosure that seems to hold them captive in death.

     There is a large owl living in the attic of the Masonic Lodge that is located on the property.   It is said that according to Native American legends, the owl is symbolic of death, and hearing the hoot of an owl is a bad omen.  These ghostly appearing animals are night creatures and were said to be connected with the supernatural and with spirits.  The owl is said to be able to deliver messages from beyond the grave.   It is written that the Cherokee specifically thought them to be spiritual beings that could advise in cases of illness and sickness.  Could the fact that an owl guards over the space where the fort was located and near the graves of those who had passed on be symbolic to the death and tragedy that occurred at the fort?  Could the owl be the messenger and protector or the spirits that reside there?

     During the investigation I caught a glimpse of a huge shadow figure out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to get a good look at it, it had vanished. This shadow figure was much bigger than a normal human and may have even been a creature of some sort.  It appeared to be even darker than the dark of night.  A shadow figure is said to be a disembodied spirit of a human or creature.  They appear outside of a person’s peripheral vision.  It is my understanding that shadow figures have been known and reported by the Cherokee throughout their history.  I have read about a Cherokee legend that has the shadow figure of a Cherokee witch who torments the living.  I have also discovered in my studies, that they believe spirits in the form of humans or animals, watch over all things. Could this shadow figure/creature that I saw be one of those spirits watching over the cemetery?

      One of the photos taken was of a large glowing orb which could not be seen by the human eye but picked up by my camera.  The next shot taken in the same spot did not show the glowing orb, proving that there is nothing in the area that should be glowing. The orb appeared near the ground just under the full moon.  An orb is thought to be an entity, trying to manifest itself by using the energy sources around it. This orb was a glowing orb, which is much more rare than just your average orb. The orb was white with a reddish orange circle around it.  Some people believe the different color of the orbs have different meanings.  The white in this orb would be a protective spirit and the red/orange color would signify a possible caretaker.  Is it possible that a former fort guard is still watching over the fort guarding and protecting the fort? 

     This area is a sad place and has a depressive aura about it. You can feel the heaviness and sorrow of the people that were imprisoned there. Before leaving for the night, I tried to help any spirits that were trapped there to move on to the next plain.  It is very important for me to be able to aid willing spirits in crossing over into the light.  It is my hope that I was able to help some of the lost souls that may have been residing there.

     Below is the picture captured of the glowing orb.  To the right is the full moon and the glowing ball to the left is the glowing orb.  The orb did not appear in the picture taken just after this one.DSCN2270